Hi I'm Noira Celestia, I created this blog to explore my sexuality and spirituality while also meeting and learning from people in the community with similar interests.  It started out with a livejournal I made to explore my sexuality which I realized was really helping to improve my body image, self esteem and overall attitude about sex, so I decide to expand and start a blog.

I am a mother and a full time student with a part time job in a career and field I feel passionate about.  I love to play video games, watch anime, read dark fantasy novels, and write in general. I try to live as green as I can and struggle to balance that with our technologically obsessed lifestyle.   I also don't eat animals but if a sex toy resembles a mythological creature,  I will probably want it. 

I consider myself a pantheistic pagan but that's really loose since I do also recognize specific deities as being incarnations of the divine.  I am a very spiritual person but I do not follow any one path.  Some people may look down upon a "cafeteria style" belief system but I believe in making choices based on my heart rather than following religious dogma.  I will be exploring my spirituality here, but keep in mind that none of it is based on rigidly established rules so followers of some religions may be offended by how I might twist their practices to meet my own spiritual needs.  My apologies in advance.

I am engaged to my partner whom I've been with for four years and we have a preschool aged daughter.   I lovingly refer him as "Sire" both because he is the father of my child and  because it denotes a place of authority.   We are in the beginning stages of a D/s relationship, exploring kink and bdsm.  The farther we go the the more I love it and the more I want.

So what's with the blog name/tagline? I believe that we are all incarnations of the divine; I also believe that all women are goddess and should embrace their power as a woman.  This is ironic considering my state of submission.  My relationship with Sire started with the recognition of me as a dark goddess whose body he worshiped and devoured with pleasure; I submitted to him while he ravaged me like an animal.  I was entirely submissive while also being in a place of power because of his desire.  

I will also using this space to review sex toys, lingerie, and other things including anime and video games.  Sometimes I will receive products from companies for free in exchange for a review.   My reviews will always be honest; when this happens I will state it clearly in the review.

Topics discussed in my blog will be mostly sexual, but may also include anything from my interests, including anime, video games, motherhood, and school.  The content of this blog is intended for adults only.  Welcome and thanks for walking this path with me.

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I can be contacted through my gmail->  noiracelestia @ gmail . com
or on aim (I'm almost always online) noiracelestia