Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hey Life! Stop so I can catch up!

Wow I just read a post from September and realized that is still exactly where I am.  When I get caught up on one thing another gets behind.  Then when I take a break for a day everything gets behind again.  So yeah that's where I am.   I am so worried Eden Fantasy's and Digital Playground thinks I'm flaking on them but I'm totally not.  My work hours are variable and on call so I'm just so exhausted.  I'm so busy I'm not even getting my homework done. Plus I don't want to take pictures or videos in my house while it's trashed.

I am so over life right now; I just want to take a break from everything for a while.

As you may know if you've been reading my blog and twitter, I am trying to get pregnant and I was really starting to get hopeful even though I had negative tests.  My temperatures were staying high so I thought maybe I ovulated later than my chart was showing and that was why I was getting negative tests.  I had an OB appointment today for a pap smear and knew that they could do a pregnancy test for me while I was there.  Well an hour before my appointment I started my period.  I was so emotional at work I just about lost my cool with a stupid calculator that I couldn't get to work.   I even skipped my class tonight.   On the plus side the midwife I saw the OB's office finally made a suggestion for my ovarian cysts other than birth control.   She told me there was nothing else Western Medicine could do for me but recommended Chinese medicine, specifically acupuncture.  She told me I if I told them I have ovarian cysts and I'm trying to get pregnant they could probably treat me to help with both things!

I did get this neat new toy in the mail recently.   I got this and a butt plug because I've been wanting to try some anal play.  Still not sure how I feel about it.  The Swirly Deuce is totally beautiful and it has a third prong which can be used alone for thrusting and I love it.   Unfortunately the toy doesn't like up well enough for me for the double penetration to be comfortable.  I am glad I got it though because now I know that I absolutely love glass and need some more.

I'm going to bed now.  Goodnight.

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  1. Just stumbled upon you on Twitter and followed you, so we thought we would follow you here as well. The fact that you bill yourself a "Geeky Sex Goddess" is very appealing and intriguing to us. The Swirly Deuce looks cool, but we can see how lining up correctly would preclude comfortable DP action. We're gonna explore your blog. Feel free to stop by ours as well.

    -Jack and Jill