Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So I couldn't restrain myself and took a pregnancy test yesterday morning.  It was negative but it was also likely too early to test.  I really shouldn't have done it and now I realize that.   Obviously the negative hurt, but I'm still wondering was it too early?  I didn't think it would hurt because I was saying that I really expected it to be negative, but really why would I have test unless I wanted it to be positive.  I was in denial thinking I wouldn't be hurt.  So there was no point in testing at all since now I'm between wondering was it too early and being hurt.  I feel dumb.   Especially since yesterday Fertility Friend wasn't sure if I had ovulated at all because of my cervical mucus patterns.

It was really early to ovulate; I kept thinking it was just from me getting sick.    However, today after putting in my temperature Fertility Friend decided that I did in fact ovulate on cycle day 10.   Sire and I had sex a day after that so technically my chances are really low I think, but my nipples have been so sensitive recently I haven't wanted my daughter to nurse ( And yes I do still nurse my preschool age daughter once or twice a day ) so I've really been wondering.   I feel overly hopeful.

 I'm still feeling really sick but today I'm trying really hard to get caught up on my homework.   I think I should start having Sire stand over me to enforce it getting done with out distractions. 


  1. Is there something equivalent to people in the theatre saying "Break a leg" when you want someone to perform well, for those trying to get pregnant? Break a pee stick? Anyway, I hope you soon get the result you are hoping for.

  2. I don't know but thanks. Break a pee stick made me giggle. <3