Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Day

I'm working on homework right now trying to focus but my mind is just somewhere else.  So hopefully if I write a blog I can focus for a little while afterwards.

I meant for this last weekend to be time to catch up on all the things I'm behind homework, reviews, blogging, ect, but I ended up playing Arc Rise Fantasia all weekend.   I got totally addicted and just couldn't stop; I secretly wish I were playing right now.   My dishes piled up next to me on the couch while I sat there all day gaming.  When Sire went to wash the dishes and saw all mine that I had left laying around he counted them and made a comment about it which I wasn't really paying attention to (too into my game).  Then he went upstairs and came down again with the paddle, told me to bend over the couch and counted for each dish (he even counted the empty soda cans and food I was still eating, assuming that I wasn't going to clean them up either).   Oh man my ass hurt afterward.  

Today is the big day!  The day my IUD is going to be removed.  I am excited but also an anxious nervous wreck today.   I just stopped menstruating yesterday so timing is pretty good.   I gave Sire a hug before he left today and wanted his final vote of approval and he gave it to me.  He'd been acting unsure the last week or two but he had a certain confidence in his voice today that makes me feel good about doing this.  He was even talking about having sex tonight.  I'm so excited.  

I've been emailing local midwives trying to find one that clicks and is in our price range.   First response I got really depressed me because it was really at the upper end of the home birth price range.  I'm going to keep looking.

Hopefully I can do a Wanton Wednesday post tonight.  That'd be nice.


  1. Hiya, Jill Boyd from Twitter here!

    I hope the IUD removal goes well. May I ask (seeing as I'm keen to switch to an IUD) how that has been going for you?

    Anyway, I'll definitely be reading your blog and checking for updates :)


  2. Well I had a paragard in for three years and I've been pretty happy with it. I have had some menstrual issues but I'm honestly not sure if they're related to the IUD or if there is some other underlying problem causing the issues.

    I am hoping if I don't get pregnant right away I can at least get an idea. About every three cycles I would have some major cramping pain accompanied by stabbing. I have had similar pain with rough sex accompanied by bleeding. I had the IUD checked via ultrasound and they found it was in right but I have ovarian cysts.

    I'll be sure to keep updates about how it goes. Thanks for coming by! <3