Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stretch Marks: Beautiful and Erotic

Many women spend their pregnancy stressing out over whether or not they will get stretch marks (among other things of course).  I was also one of these women.  I bathed in cocoa butter everyday hoping to avoid them but the truth is that no amount of cocoa butter really makes a difference.  I ended up with stretch marks everywhere.

The first ones that showed up were on my breasts.  I was showering and Sire peaked in and thought I was bleeding.  I had not noticed but the entire underside of my breasts were blood red.  Next my thighs and hips developed stretch marks as they kept getting bigger.   I was a tiny girl before I got pregnant and I put on 1.5x my body weight.  Then my calves even started to get stretch marks on them.  I had never heard of anyone getting them there from being pregnant.   Around 36 weeks I started to get them on my stomach and they came on rapidly.   I cried a lot about them.

At the end of my pregnancy I was going in to see a chiropractor for sciatic pain when I saw a young teenage girl in the waiting room with stretch marks all the way down her legs much more extensive than mine.  Initially I felt sorry for her, thinking surely they must make her feel self conscious or that people tease her.  Then I looked at her I realized the stretch marks did not take away from her beauty at all.  In fact her legs were perfect and the stretch marks painted them in a way that made her look exotic.

I have come to love my stretch marks for the same reason.  They are something to be proud of.  I almost call them a symbol of status.  I earned them and they are beautiful.  It hurts when I hear other women I know going through what I did, even talking about having surgery to remove their stretch marks.

We must embrace the bodies of real women in order for society to recognize and appreciate our beauty for what it is.  My stretch marks are deep and much more visible than they appear to be in the photographs I took. I'm sharing them with you in hopes of aiding in the acceptance of stretchmarks as beautiful and erotic.  I hope that we see more photography with models who have stretch marks so we can show the world how sexy they are. 


  1. Thank you for doing that! After 3 pregnancies, two of them multiple, I of course have stretch marks too, which I consider a badge of motherhood. I'm not up to showing them off, having the body images I do (hahaha says she who has been being publicly wanton lately) but I see nothing ugly in them.


  2. It was a post I knew I wanted to make but I don't know if I really executed it as nicely as I would have liked.

  3. I think I would be able to embrace my stretch marks so much more if they were the result of a pregnancy, but mine came from fast-blossoming thick thighs. They run all up and down the inside and outside of my thighs now :(

  4. The girl I saw at the doctor's stretch marks were not from pregnancy (they were clearly from puberty) and the more I looked at them the more beautiful I thought they were. It sort of reminded me of the markings you might put on an elf character in an rpg.

    Sire has stretch marks on his thighs and hips from putting on sympathy weight while I was pregnant. I don't see anything remotely unattractive about them.

  5. I have never been pregnant, but I've had stretch marks on my breasts, belly and thighs (and probably my arse too, come to think of it) since I was a teen. I love them and see them as beautiful tributaries running across the valleys and hills of my skin.

    Thank you for sharing yours with us.

    xx Dee

  6. I feel bad that I hadn't really included much of that aspect of stretch marks in my post. I knew a lot of girls in my teenage years who developed stretch marks from body changes during puberty. They're all beautiful regardless of where they're from. They're like form of natural art on the body.