Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lamenting the Loss of My First Toy

 In December of 2009 Tickle had a promotion in which they gave out $25 gift cards to anyone for a set period of time.  I was using livejournal for mommy blogging a bunch of my other online mom friends had posted about it.   Prior to this I had only one other experience with sex toys; Sire had brought me to a sex store but I was way too overwhelmed to know what I was looking at and we left buying a sex game and some erotic oils.   If it weren't for this promotion I probably wouldn't have ever bought a vibrator, I didn't think it was something I needed.

So I spent a while looking at the toys on their website and was surprised by the price on some of the luxury items.  I ended up finding this Doc Johnson Waterproof Egg and seeing that I could apply the $25 towards it and shipping without spending any of my own money I ordered it.   It didn't look very exciting and really I didn't know understand what a vibrator was until I got this and used it.   I had always used the shower head to masturbate since childhood.  I did it for years without even knowing I was masturbating.  I thought there was something wrong with me because I didn't orgasm from sex.    It wasn't until I read an article in college about the female anatomy and sexual pleasure that I really realized what the clitoris is and that I had been having orgasms for years and didn't know it.

Once I realized how to use the egg efficiently I stopped using the shower head and found orgasms much easier to come by.   I used this toy fairly moderately (maybe a couple times a month) until this June around solstice.   Something happened then that allowed everything to line up just right (solstice, lunar eclipse, ovulation and my daughter nursing a lot less) that I had a crazy sex drive like nothing I had ever had before.   I was using that egg three times a day at least!  It was around this time I was using my kinky livejournal again and discovered edenfantasys and it's review program.  I reviewed my egg and ordered some more toys. 

Then Sire decided to use my egg for his tummy ache and fell asleep on it and the wires started shorting out after that.   I was still able to get it to work if I bent the wire just right, so despite having purchased other vibrators I continued to use my egg.  It became less and less reliable, shorting out more and more until a couple night ago I was using it during a major masturbation session and it totally stopped working.   I had another toy handy to finish off but I am still sad to lose my egg.

I'm such a hoarder I'm not sure if I should hold on it for sentimental reasons.   I'm thinking of getting another one just like it, but I'm not sure if I would like to try a similiar product instead.

product picture
Egg by Doc Johnson
Material: Plastic
Widget from my review on edenfantays.

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