Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Tied Myself Up

I got a package today I wasn't expecting until Monday. It was full of goodies.  After watching a porn and exerting some energy on the couch, Sire decided to geek out and watch Stargate SG-1 all day.   Since he was busy with that I decided to tie myself up with my new Japanese Bondage Rope

It was easier than it looked but still challenging enough that it certainly had a learning curve and my ropes didn't look like the tutorial I used.   They did come out looking nice though.
You can see the back is a little mismatched.  Sort of reminds me of a spiders web. 
After I was done being tied up I decided to go geek out with Sire. 

Sinful Sunday
Come sin with me. ;)


  1. Pretty! I like the middle picture best I think, probably because it features hair and ass, 2 of my favourite things ever.

  2. Great job with that karada! love how it looks, front AND back :)


  3. I think the second is my favorite too. Oh when you say hair and ass makes me think of harry ass. ;3

    Yay thanks! I thought I did a crap job since it didn't really look like the finished product in the tutorial I was using.

  4. That's lovely, well done! I'm going to have to give this a try myself some time as it looks great. Was it a nice feeling to wear?

    I like the second one best too, but I do love the ring around your belly button in the first.

  5. You have a great body, hope you and Sire had fun.

  6. That is some very lovely rope work around a very sexy body.


  7. Oooh I bet you had fun - and what a body to bind too!!

  8. So sorry your comment got flagged as spam blacksilk and I had no idea.

    I did find them to be enjoyable and fun to wear.

    Glad to hear everyone likes my bum.