Friday, August 5, 2011

Finding My Niche

I've spent this week trying to improve my blog as much as possible but I realized that I really am still in the process of finding my niche in the sex blogging world.   I started this blog with the intention of writing about kinky encounters and fantasies but I realized last night while thinking about the things I was planning to blog about, perhaps that may not where it's going.  There certainly will be kink but I'm not entirely sure if that will be the focus.  Nor am I sure spirituality is going to be as much as a focus as I had thought.

You see when I first started this blog I was really wanting to focus on the spiritual energy of sex for me personally.   I was having crazy fantasies about submitting myself to demons as a sex slave in exchange for my soul.  Obviously I was so horny I was not even thinking properly; thankfully I didn't do it.  I decided on the advice of a witchy blogger friend to ask an Angel to retrieve my soul instead.  I had recently remembered that I sold my soul to a demon in exchange for a boys affection when I was fifteen.  I didn't really think things through when I as in high school, but no teenager really does.  I tend to lean towards more malevolent and mischievous entities unfortunately so I wasn't sure how to go about interacting with an Angel.  After getting that mess cleared up I decided it better to work with Aphrodite instead.

Wow I can't believe I just shared that embarrassing story. Anyhow back on topic.

I would like to post about spirituality and kink here but I'm realizing that those things may not be the main focus.   A lot of the things I've been thinking about bounce between personal reflections on my sexual identity and geeky stuff.  I'm working on some toy reviews for EdenFantays right now, but I think from now on I'm going to do my toy reviews for them offsite in my blog here after I finish the ones I have started. Some of the things I have in mind to post about soon include my relationship with my breasts, Catherine (the video game),  Elfen Lied (anime),  sex toy reviews, erotic photographs and mythological fantasies.  I really want to buy some anime porn and blog about that too.  I've got my eye on Bible Black;  I watched the first episode and it looks really hot!   Also I just remembered I'm taking a class about the biology of sexually transmitted diseases at the CSU I attend that is starting this month. I imagine that I will probably be blogging about reflections on the class.  Hopefully I'll have a lot of useful information to share!

Anyhow what I'm getting at here also is that I really feel like I need a name change and I'm not sure where to go with it.  I'm feeling good about changing the direction towards something that fits me better and I am more knowledgeable about.


  1. You sold your soul to a demon? waah!

  2. I was really emotionally unstable during high school, particularly at fifteen. I conveniently forgot it about shortly there after. Lots of people have childhood amnesia I have high school amnesia. I remember my childhood really well.

    I think my soul is safe now...

  3. For what it's worth I didn't drink or do drug in high school. :D

  4. selling your soul to a demon is original, at least.