Saturday, August 27, 2011

10 Things I have Done That You Probably Have Not

I couldn't help myself.  At the risk of sounding like a teenager it seems like all the cool people are doing it (Dee, Catharine, Kazi) and it looked like fun!  So now I'll attempt to think of 10 things I have done that you probably have not.  As far as sex goes, there's not much so this is a lot broader. Obviously I think all of these have happened to someone other than me but you probably have not.

1.  Made Penis Pancakes
Sire asked me to make him some pancakes about a year or so ago.  This is what I made.  Then he refused to eat it because it was a penis.   I thought it was funny, but of course he saw it as me trying to get him to put a penis in his mouth.   Well actually he was probably right.

2. Started a riot in a psychiatric hospital.
It was actually more of a protest, but they called it a riot.  Apparently psychiatric patients are not allowed to protest.

3. Dressed as a Marshwiggle for Halloween.
Sorry I have no pictures to prove this. ;)  If you don't know what a marshwiggle is, read the Chronicles of Narnia specifically The Silver Chair or just do a google search for marshwiggle.

4. Had a boyfriend accuse me of having sex with his father
One day his father came into his room while I was there and gave me a bar of chocolate.  My ex freaked out and asked me what I'd been doing with his father while he wasn't home.

5.  Masturbated upside down.
 It was sort of on accident, I didn't start upside down, but by the time I was reaching my orgasm I was virtually standing on my head.  I've done it a few more times intentionally. ;)

6.  Had a cat suck on my nipple.
This was not intentional!  I was pregnant and sleeping topless and woke up to one of Sire's six month old kittens trying to nurse on my breast! I was really weirded out. I didn't sleep topless anymore for a while.

7.  Made a bargain with a demon which may or may not have cost me my soul.  
I was a desperate stupid teenager not thinking in the long term.   The boy I lost my virginity with broke up with me for another girl and I desperately wanted him back.

8.  Had the same nightmare every night for three years.
In high school I had the same nightmare (with little tiny changes in detail) almost every night for three years.  Basically until said nightmare came true.  Then the nightmares stopped.

9.  Was voted "Most Unique" in my high school yearbook.
Does any other school have this category?  This is basically the nice way for everyone in your high school to say you're "The weirdest kid in school"   I'm so weird though I thought it was cool. ;)

10.  Got a citation for Jaywalking.
I was in the crosswalk and there was no traffic but I crossed against a light and a police officer just happened to be kiddy corner and a apparently in a bad mood. 


  1. These are cool! I'm tempted to try making a cocky pancake now! ;)

  2. Those are pretty unique! We had a cat who used to suckle on our earlobes. She did try for Apollo's nipple once - she was removed rather promptly :)

    xx Dee