Saturday, July 30, 2011

Aphrodite in the Bathroom

With a new place that still looking pretty bare I'm looking to spice up the space with some subtle but beautiful Altars.

So far I'm planning:
Isis in the bedroom
Anubis in the living room
Hestia in the kitchen
Aphrodite in the Bathroom
A Faerie/Earth Altar in the Garden

Sire asked me "Why put Aphrodite in bathroom?  Why not the bedroom?"

Well because Aphrodite is associated with sex, beauty, and love. The bathroom is the place where I put on my make up, style my hair and is generally associate it with beautification.   Likewise, the bathroom is also the place where I prefer to masturbate; I would love for that sexual energy to be focused somewhere.  Not to mention the bathtub is a very romantic place to have intimate time and Aphrodite's element is conveniently water.

The bathroom is the perfect place for Aphrodite.

The altar I am planning will be simple in the corner of the bathroom sink between the mirrors with a small goddess statue, scallop or abalone shell, red candle, incense burner and fancy soap.  Probably also any other pretty tokens I can find that are appropriate for her.    I'm excited to get it together and will certainly have pictures up as soon as it's completed.

I know she'll appreciate the sex, er I mean patronage. 

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