Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Power of Submitting

There was a time in which I felt sexually powerful and confident in it, but since having a child I lost confidence in my self as a sexual entity.   As I have finally been living and exploring my long held fantasies of being dominated I have felt an overwhelming sense of self confidence welling up inside of me.  The act of submitting to the will of a master not only arouses me incredibly but makes me feel empowered.   I am empowered because I suddenly am not questioning actions I would previously have over thought, I am suddenly just doing them and feeling confident in them because the submission gives me no room for self doubt.  It is incredibly empowering.

By submitting myself I feel more in charge of my life than I ever have before.  I am suddenly making choices for myself I felt hesitant about before and feeling confident in them.    The power is incredible.   Not only do I once again feel like a sexual being, I feel like a fucking sexual goddess. 

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